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Newtong for Rengina escort wrote:
Very well said. There's too much emphasis on instant spark these days. see the review
Malamud for Raoule escort wrote:
Your attitude toward dating and human beings in general is completely elitist and dehumanizing. Your advice to the millions of men and women who are being used and abused by this dysfunctional dating environment is, "well, this is what you can expect if you're not a billionaire athlete or supermodel." Very constructive advice. You paint a much darker picture of dating than I do. see the review
Dulberg for Gea escort wrote:
The point is, if someone thinks they can do better, it's in their best interest to try. If they can't, they end up with the best they can get. It's not so much an attitude, more of an observation. If a girl makes $150K and looks like a model, why would she go out with a fat guy on welfare? Why would she go out with a guy who even makes half that and is just moderately out of shape? There are so many other guys out there that she doesn't have to -- she can afford to take the chance to try and get the best partner, the one with every single quality she desires. Both those guys would probably like to be with someone like her but they can't. see the review
Mutated for Barbo escort wrote:
Look around you and see how many people marry outside socioeconomic status or marry someone whose level of attractiveness is totally incongruent to their own. If you don't notice a pattern, you're fooling yourself. It's not an "attitude," it's reality. see the review
Centavo for Namugga escort wrote:
Many of them are in a holding pattern waiting for something that is completely unrealistic -- the mythical instant spark. see the review
Stuchly for Atik escort wrote:
Why do you care so much what other people want to do with their time? see the review
Unfair for Viktorya escort wrote:
I was on a dating site last year and met a very attractive girl. We went on one date which was one and done. I kid you not, six weeks later she was still logged in active on that dating site. see the review
Gornall for Alanie escort wrote:
Did you ever think that maybe she has her own standards and thoughts about what she wants in a partner and has every right to try and fulfill them? see the review
Dobransk for Anne Majt escort wrote:
She was an example of what online dating and our dysfunctional dating culture is turning many women into: the serial dater. The type of woman who goes from man-to-man week after week never settling on any one of them because of her unrealistic expectations regarding an instant spark. she is not finding a relationship. She's wasting her time and that of a lot of guys with these 10 second tryouts that go nowhere beyond superficial first impressions. see the review
Tartars for Albulena escort wrote:
Yeah, you're totally right. She'll never find anyone. see the review
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