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Gobos for Pille Ann escort wrote:
Yes she broke up with him, but he rejected her when she tried to patch things up. So now isn’t she the dumpee and he the dumper? Him rejecting her changed the dynamics. see the review
Kingcup for Buraihi escort wrote:
This. The ex seriously wounded his ego when she broke up with him. He didn’t really want to turn her away. He wanted to punish but went too far. see the review
Anspach for Mindy escort wrote:
I bet all of money that he’s not thinking how he turned her away. In his mind he’s thinking how she broke up with him. He felt good about turning her away in that moment but clearly by him incessantly messaging her the same day he still felt like the dumpee, not the dumper. see the review
Hilwa for Martiina escort wrote:
I also bet all of my money this man is miserable right now. He’s definitely the dumpee. see the review
Sparkers for Nonciata escort wrote:
If he wanted to be friendly or cordial he would have said thanks or thanks you too to her well wishes about him ‘moving on’. Instead he was kind of a a$$, but let’s forget that part for a second. More importantly, someone who wants to be friendly isn’t going to try and make you jealous or throw another person in your face a few weeks after a breakup. see the review
Benjami for Nawzhin escort wrote:
Oh I see now. see the review
Escutcheon for Shajeda escort wrote:
So are you saying that I wasn’t the dumper? All this time I thought I was haha. Also, me liking her posts months later did that mean I was still trying to have a connection with her? see the review
Redbill for Aukasha escort wrote:
I'm with you OP, I HATE social media. Unfortunately, its the world we live in these days. see the review
Aligned for Gunweg escort wrote:
My advice is just because he turned her down (and he may really mean that, that he does not want to be back with her) doesn't mean his heart has had time to heal from it. Him still liking/viewing/commenting on her social media is a CLEAR indication that he has not moved on. And how could he? As much as someone may want to heal from a break up, only time can actually do that, and there has not been enough time between the breakup and you meeting him. see the review
Balei for Migen escort wrote:
If you are just interested in casually dating him then proceed. But if you are really starting to like him, just know, he is NOT over her. see the review
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