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Ikey for Vipal escort wrote:
Good luck, and let us know how it goes. We are here to help each step of the way. see the review
Engraff for Rotjanaporn escort wrote:
The majority of people commenting here are Betrayed Spouses (that is what they call themselves). The most angry with you and virulent about how important your immediate confession is, are the ones who were most hurt by whoever and whatever happened in THEIR lives. They have their own agenda, it has nothing to do with you, your situation, your relationship and your baby. see the review
Maryann for Noonim escort wrote:
Easy to say when valid points can't really be discounted. see the review
Quints for Mirey escort wrote:
I don't know OP, and not to sound harsh I don't really care which direction she goes with this. see the review
Rusinfo for Naphatsaphon escort wrote:
What I can say from experience and knowledge I've gained along the way is, love is an action, it's easy to say you love someone harder to show it through actions. OP's actions don't match her words. That has nothing to do with the posters here being betrayed spouses. see the review
Placket for Sexy_teen_18yo escort wrote:
Here is the thing, the comments and advise tends to be a mixture of personal experience, understanding what did and didn't work, what they wished could have or didn't happen. see the review
Song for Cintia Jara escort wrote:
Yet, common sense says you can't build a happy well balanced healthy relationship on lies. Any therapist that suggests otherwise is a bad one. A good one understands that Keeping this a secret will only create bigger issues. see the review
Wendler for Lill Anna escort wrote:
Professionals who have actually met you, are telling you to put your health and child first, for now. Please listen to them. see the review
Swinish for Isobel escort wrote:
Absolute horsesh*t. see the review
Credits for Daisy Marie escort wrote:
The majority of people that are commenting are doing so because they have been through the reality of what has taken place and have done so under no illusion that lying is the way to go. see the review
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