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Apostatic for Labeb escort wrote:
I have a strong suspicion that she plays just as dirty as her friend does. I wouldn't want to get caught up in it, but you're a grown man, so I'm sure you know what you're doing. see the review
Carlito for Suchapuk escort wrote:
If you have plenty of other offers though, you might be better off exploring them. see the review
Vangent for Migen escort wrote:
Totally agree. It sounds good on paper that she warned you, but the bigger picture makes us wonder WHY she warned you and then wanted to hit you up. Im sensing some type of scheme. see the review
Desideration for Ewa Elzbieta escort wrote:
There are a lot of what if's about her not warning me. What if this girl I went to the wedding with came back to the room had I not left after sleeping and messing around with the other guy. I would of had no idea. What if I slept with her that same night? Health concerns, and other things. Waking up the next morning and her doing the walk of of shame unbeknownst to me while I look the fool. see the review
Begriff for Kasep escort wrote:
I think she had good intentions warning me. see the review
Jedd for Alean escort wrote:
The other bizar thing is her ignoring you there BEFORE she started drinking. You bring your new bf to a wedding with lots of people who know you. You dragged him to this event... Don't you want to brag everyone about him? Don't you want to present him to basically everyone you know? Because if you don't (and she didn't) - You are such a POS disgusting monster fu**ing B****. see the review
Mine for Abdigani escort wrote:
The point was making me feel better, telling her how I felt. How she reacted meant zero to me. This stopped being about her the minute I found out what was going on. see the review
Braincap for Sucuyabe escort wrote:
I do see myself as a good guy. I couldn't see this coming a mile away I was blindsided by it. see the review
Lase for Chochan escort wrote:
I believe you should tell your bf. Give him a chance at least. see the review
Cayenne for Annoula escort wrote:
Absolutely agree. see the review
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