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Teresia for Yinchai escort wrote:
OP's dude is marking time with her until his ex says the right thing for him to get back with her. see the review
Gwillim for Delan escort wrote:
Good insight, but don’t you think he’s just liking his ex’s posts because he’s genuinely happy for her? I know you said he’s doing it to keep a connection/attention, but isn’t he more than likely liking her pictures because he’s happy for her. Happy/relieved to see that she’s okay. see the review
Mccain for Helmtraud escort wrote:
You’re the rebound. Clearly. see the review
Contine for Anna Savanne escort wrote:
Please do yourself the favor and don’t get too invested in this guy. Otherwise you may have your heart broken sooner rather than later. see the review
Relaunch for Model Magazine escort wrote:
Generally i would say to not give too much credence to social media activities. My boyfriend is friends with his ex on fb, why shouldn’t they be? He likes pictures of other women too, and so he does of other men, families, babies, animals, you get the gist. see the review
Cutes for Clara Chin escort wrote:
But the issue here is not the social media activity but the fact he’s only been single for a week when you met. see the review
Fannel for Gullbritt Zohra escort wrote:
Thanks. So you’re saying him liking her posts doesn’t mean anything? see the review
Suspect for Sahvanna escort wrote:
Originally Posted by brotastic see the review
Delving for Elsy Lou escort wrote:
He is obviously still hot for her. see the review
Fossick for Workneh escort wrote:
Since when has a ‘like’ meant you still have the for an ex, especially if he like his previous exes posts was well? He’s probably just letting his current ex know that there’s no hard feelings and he’s just being cordial. see the review
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