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Hernani for Cludia escort wrote:
Not telling him = no repercussions. see the review
Cami for Nyberg escort wrote:
No repercussions = likely to cheat again, bc hey, why not,nobody got hurt by it the last time. see the review
Amber for Salhe escort wrote:
You do not have to tell him. But the trade off is that you should not marry him. Maybe it is best to do as some would suggest...Live with your guilt...but as a single mother. see the review
Netbios for Khhnda escort wrote:
Anyone that suggest that you carry the deceit in to marriage, is truly heartless or paid to make you feel good. see the review
Brisked for Pujawathie escort wrote:
I do not think you can do that.. I think you do love this man and do wish to marry. You know what you must do and that is why you post. Prepare yourself and do what you must do. Do the research on how to survive a affair, not how to lie about the affair. Work this out BEFORE marriage. see the review
Origina for In Mi escort wrote:
FWIW, I will marry next year. see the review
Aniba for Kermen escort wrote:
Plain and simple - if you don't plan to get honest then don't plan to marry him. see the review
Harebrain for Anna Lia escort wrote:
I broke things off with my partner but never told him. We worked through our communication problems, got back together and now are engaged with a 6 month old baby see the review
Supervisor for Horajah escort wrote:
Do the right thing. see the review
Skyjump for Alexandrovna escort wrote:
How hard is this really. “His the guy of my dreams” “I love him so much”. But all I have to do is get drunk and I sleep with another guy. see the review
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