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Tangguh for Ingri Marie escort wrote:
I wasn't passive agressive. I didn't give a definite answer because IDK what i am signing up to. He said he wants me to be his girl but then he said exclusive, meaning not dating other people. So, IDK if he wants me to be his girlfriend or just date him only? Those are 2 different things. We were suppose to talk about in person but he is MIA until he is done with his work training. Also, I never told him I was dating. I only mentioned dating the Indian guy but said I ended it. So, he doesn't even know I am dating other guys. Seems he is just making the assumption... see the review
Twiggy for Sannylyn escort wrote:
I texted him how "My boo aka him left me to leave the state" And he replied with a happy dancing gif. But then I said I am kidding. And he said oh you are kidding? So, I guess he liked that i called him my boo. I guess I am scared too of putting all my eggs into 1 basket aka him... see the review
Sharyn for Abdullahi escort wrote:
Ok, I will bring it up. I ain't playing games. see the review
Cows for Eunsun escort wrote:
I never told him I was dating other guys. I only mentioned the Indian guy, who I stopped dating like 2 weeks ago. see the review
Tyketto for Hannah Stina escort wrote:
He said whenever I want to. And then you know what he said next, he asked if I wanna screw other guys before he comes back? WTF?? see the review
Stewing for Mynta Li escort wrote:
After reading most of the posts all I can say is if she is interested, I can't imagine her being into you much longer unless she has serious self esteem issues. Dating you seems like it would be on par with going to the dentist if the dentist was kind of an aloof jerk. see the review
Dejonge for Pialotta escort wrote:
That’s just how I am. I know a lot people in here probably have a very sour opinion of me considering how I have treated her up until this point but I am young and I don’t have that much LTR experience. Only 2 relationships that lasted 2 years each. I guess I have started to develop feelings for her and I just wanna take things slow. see the review
Sheila for Jinghan escort wrote:
Me: Nevermind. Let’s hang out see the review
Bystander for Shuhra escort wrote:
Her Tomorrow? Movies at home? see the review
Viscus for Tisbeh escort wrote:
Are you serious?? Honestly, what the hell is your problem?! You're too tired? She expressed her frustration with you and "not going anywhere," she threw herself at you yet again, and you totally blew her off...yet again, and were cold towards her. see the review
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