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Endive for Layla Black escort wrote:
I would not want to date a guy who tells me that 'other chicks are calling him baby'... see the review
Sylvic for Hae Jung escort wrote:
Owens for Naguib escort wrote:
Yeah, I don’t know why he told me that. But he said he told them only I can call him baby. Maybe he’s telling me to hint he has options or to see if I get jealous? I don’t know. see the review
Atitech for Afruza escort wrote:
Regardless, I’m dating to other guys. I was gonna put a stop to that possibly once we had the exclusive talk. But since we haven’t, I consider myself single. see the review
Duds for Hercules escort wrote:
Also, not to be an arrogant prick but I’m considered very attractive so if he gets or if pocket I will drop him and on to the next. see the review
Zeb for Jasperina escort wrote:
I was surprised he would even tell me this, but other than that, he’s been a gentleman. I’ve had guys try to make me jealous and it’s because they want me to want them or they are insecure. But for him, I already showed interest in him so I don’t know why... see the review
Stoffan for Hyllene escort wrote:
Is this taking place after the "baby" comment and while he's out of town? Just looking for context. see the review
Rosier for Mirey escort wrote:
This occurred before the baby comment. And while he was in town. see the review
Araldo for Muaiad escort wrote:
I'm a guy, and I do think men play more games than women. However, in my experience, some women definitely play their own share of games. see the review
Bessie for Sannylyn escort wrote:
Yes, they do. Not to make excuses but I find women that play games do it because men do, and they probably have become more jaded. see the review
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