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Reciprocate for Alhan escort wrote:
Eh, I'm sure that's true in some cases, but some women just get off on playing games. And if you want to flip it around, some guys play games because some women do. see the review
Arellano for Lilly Pixie escort wrote:
I had a woman do that to me once. see the review
Georgia for Fanny95110 escort wrote:
It's a never-ending cycle that's just bad, and no one wins. see the review
Succi for Morgansdotter escort wrote:
Maybe he’s telling me to hint he has options or to see if I get jealous? I don’t know. see the review
Scrapie for Thilde Isabelle escort wrote:
I think he told you that because he wants to be exclusive, and through your vagueness and refusal to answer questions, you've basically told him no. And so he is passive-aggressively showing you that he doesn't like it. Kind of saying well if you don't want to be exclusive then I can see other women and not hide it so this is how I'm gonna act. And if you mention it he will say well we're not exclusive so you can't complain. see the review
Hotovec for Behjalsadat escort wrote:
I don't think he said it because he's a bad guy, he's just a bad communicator and doesn't know how to handle multi-dating, or rather how to handle someone who is multi-dating. see the review
Ranjeet for Mufak escort wrote:
IF this is the case, then both of them should probably grow up and talk about exclusivity like ADULTS, instead of playing these silly high school drama games. see the review
Wrong for Kunlasatree escort wrote:
OP, ask him "Are we exclusive?" see the review
Beguin for Rachele Richey escort wrote:
You will get your answer most definitely. see the review
Aqueles for Abinthandalage escort wrote:
He already told her he wanted exclusivity at date 3, she was the one hemming and hawing and wanting to date other guys. see the review
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